Our Skills

Our Skills

Annsa has true commercial experience in a wide range of areas. This experience is brought to bear on all our projects - we are not restricted to one language or one technology, we will use the most appropriate technologies to meet our client's requirements.

Annsa knows that successful projects are founded on quality standards and processes and will apply a stringent approach to all developments.

We have experience in;

  • Project Requirements and Design. Starting a project well saves money and effort. Annsa has skills in;
    • Capturing and analysing requirements
    • High level and detailed design
    • Test specifications
  • Application and Component Development using a range of tools and languages including;
    • C#
    • Visual C++
    • Visual Basic
  • Internet and Intranet Development. Annsa can develop web based systems using a range of technologies including;
    • ASP and ASP.Net
    • Javascript
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • XML / XSLT
    • WebAPI
  • Database Technologies. Annsa can design and develop for database systems including;
    • SQL Server
    • Oracle
    • NoSQL

The Our Work section illustrates projects that have used these skills.